DCAA Consulting Services

At VSINGH CPA LLC, we specialize in working with government contractors. Our accounting and consulting services cover a wide range of financial management needs. Contact our Fairfax, VA CPA firm now at 703-622-1163 to learn more or request a consultation online.

DCAA Compliant Accounting

We assist government contractors with their accounting, billing, indirect cost allocations, special reporting, and much more.

Incurred Cost Submissions

We help businesses prepare their Incurred Cost Submission report and submit it to DCAA and other agencies in a timely fashion.

Rate Calculations

We understand how to formulate competitive rate calculations that enable your business to recover all possible expenses and maximize profits on government contracts.

DCAA Audit Support

We can assist you in preparing for an audit, work to prepare all necessary documentation and reports, and provide professional support to the auditor.

Costpoint Accounting System Setup

As our client, we'll set up an entirely DCAA, FAR, and CAS compliant accounting system that tracks costs for all your government contracting work.

State and Local Reporting

We have the expertise to determine how nexus, allocation, and apportionment impact your state and local tax liabilities.

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