Rate Calculations for Government Contracts

Rate Calculations

As a government contractor, numbers may not be your specialty but when it comes to contract proposals, accuracy is a must. If you make mistakes in your calculations it could mean costly tax penalties or even an audit. That's why preparing the cost and pricing data required for contract proposals is best left to an experienced CPA firm like VSINGH CPA LLC. We know how to build an indirect cost rate structure that will help you win bids and avoid trouble with the DCAA.

Government contractors trust us for expertise in rate calculations. When you team up with us, we'll prepare competitive rate calculations that enable your business to recover all possible expenses and maximize profits on government contracts. We will analyze labor fees, materials, and overhead to establish rates that create a fair and appealing contract proposal.

Our CPA firm specializes in working with all types of government contractors in Virginia. Call us now at 703-622-1163 to learn more or request a consultation online.

Rate Calculations for Government Contracts

  • Determination of cost pools
  • Preparation of provisional billing rates
  • DCAA compliant indirect cost rate calculations (fringe, overhead, G&A)
  • Reviewing files for costs that are not allowed
  • Reviewing government contracts to determine compliance requirements
  • Adjusting accounting records to comply with FAR and DCAA requirements

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